OSHRC Docket No. 79-5974

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

June 30, 1982



Office of the Solicitor, USDOL

William S. Kloepfer, Associate Regional Solicitor, USDOL

Katherine A. Keller, The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, for the employer

Michael E. Gilligan, Business Mgr., Local Union 1347, IBEW, for the employees



The Commission grants the joint motion to decline review and affirms the judge's decision, according it the precedential value of an unreviewed judge's decision.   Abbott-Sommer, Inc., 76 OSAHRC 21/A2, 3 BNA OSHC 2032, 1975-76 CCH OSHD P20,428 (No. 9507, 1976; Leone Construction Co., 76 OSAHRC 12/E6, 3 BNA OSHC 1979, 1975-76 CCH OSHD P20,387 (No. 4090, 1976) appeal withdrawn, No. 76-4070 (2d Cir., May 17, 1976).   In light of the decision to grant the motion to decline review, the Commission need not address the Respondent's alternative motion for extension of time to file a review brief.   Commissioner Cottine concurs.   See Cargill, Inc., 79 OSAHRC 90/A-2, 7 BNA OSHC 2045, 1979 CCH OSHD P23,981 (No. 78-2862,   [*2]   1979) (Cottine, Commissioner, concurring).