About the Commission

The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission is an independent federal agency, providing administrative trial and appellate review, created to decide contests of citations or penalties resulting from OSHA inspections of American work places. The Review Commission functions as a two-tiered administrative court, with established procedures for (1) conducting hearings, receiving evidence and rendering decisions by its Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) and (2) discretionary review of ALJ decisions by a panel of Commissioners.


New Procedural and Instructional Guides

New Procedural & Instructional Guides have been published to our website.  Anyone that interacts with the Commission is encouraged to review the new Guides under the Rules-Guides tab at https://www.oshrc.gov



Revised Commission Rules In Effect June 10

The revised Commission rules apply to all cases docketed on or after June 10 and to any proceedings in cases still pending on that day, “except to the extent that their application would be infeasible or would work an injustice, in which event the present rules apply.” 

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