Rules Of Procedure

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

The Commission has revised its Rules of Procedure, as published in the Federal Register on April 10, 2019:  The revised rules will go into effect on June 10, 2019.  A redlined version of the new rules showing the changes from the current rules is available here. Commission Rules Revision Comparison Document 



(Updated as of 01/15/10)


Subpart A -- General Provisions

2200.1   Definitions.
2200.2   Scope of rules; applicability of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; construction.
2200.3   Use of gender and number.
2200.4   Computation of time.
2200.5   Extensions of time.
2200.6   Record address.
2200.7   Service and notice.
2200.8   Filing.
2200.9   Consolidation.
2200.10 Severance.
2200.11 [Reserved]
2200.12 References to cases.

Subpart B -- Parties and Representatives

2200.20 Party status.
2200.21 Intervention; Appearance by non-parties.
2200.22 Representation of parties and intervenors.
2200.23 Appearances and withdrawals.
2200.24 Brief of an amicus curiae.

Subpart C -- Pleadings and Motions

2200.30 General rules.
2200.31 Caption; Titles of cases.
2200.32 Signing of pleadings and motions.
2200.33 Notices of contest.
2200.34 Employer contests.
2200.35 Disclosure of corporate parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates.
2200.36 [Reserved]
2200.37 Petitions for modification of the abatement period.
2200.38 Employee contests.
2200.39 Statement of position.
2200.40 Motions and requests.
2200.41 [Reserved]

Subpart D -- Prehearing Procedures and Discovery

2200.50 [Reserved]
2200.51 Prehearing conferences and orders.
2200.52 General provisions governing discovery.
2200.53 Production of documents and things.
2200.54 Requests for admissions.
2200.55 Interrogatories.
2200.56 Depositions.
2200.57 Issuance of subpoenas; Petitions to revoke or modify subpoenas; Right to inspect or
             copy data.

Subpart E -- Hearings

2200.60 Notice of hearing; Location.
2200.61 Submission without hearing.
2200.62 Postponement of hearing.
2200.63 Stay of proceedings.
2200.64 Failure to appear.
2200.65 Payment of witness fees and mileage; Fees of persons taking depositions.
2200.66 Transcript of testimony.
2200.67 Duties and powers of Judges.
2200.68 Disqualification of the Judge.
2200.69 Examination of witnesses.
2200.70 Exhibits.
2200.71 Rules of evidence.
2200.72 Objections.
2200.73 Interlocutory review.
2200.74 Filing of briefs and proposed findings with the Judge; Oral argument at the hearing.

Subpart F -- Posthearing Procedures

2200.90 Decisions of Judges.
2200.91 Discretionary review; Petitions for discretionary review; Statements in opposition to
2200.92 Review by the Commission.
2200.93 Briefs before the Commission.
2200.94 Stay of final order.
2200.95 Oral argument before the Commission.
2200.96 Commission receipt pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 2112(a)(1) of copies of petitions for judicial
             review of Commission orders when petitions for review are filed in two or more courts
             of appeals with respect to the same order.

Subpart G -- Miscellaneous Provisions

2200.100 Settlement.
2200.101 Failure to obey rules.
2200.102 Withdrawal.
2200.103 Expedited proceeding.
2200.104 Standards of conduct.
2200.105 Ex parte communication.
2200.106 Amendment to rules.
2200.107 Special circumstances; waiver of rules.
2200.108 Official Seal of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

Subpart H -- Settlement Part

2200.120 Settlement procedure.

Subpart I-L -- [Reserved]

Subpart M – Simplified Proceedings

2200.200 Purpose.
2200.201 Application.
2200.202 Eligibility for Simplified Proceedings.
2200.203 Commencing Simplified Proceedings.
2200.204 Discontinuance of Simplified Proceedings.
2200.205 Filing of pleadings.
2200.206 Disclosure of Information.
2200.207 Pre-hearing conference.
2200.208 Discovery.
2200.209 Hearing.
2200.210 Review of Judge's decision.
2200.211 Applicability of Subparts A through G.


Subpart A -- General Provisions

2204.101 Purpose of these rules.
2204.102 Definitions.
2204.103 When the EAJA applies.
2204.104 Proceedings covered.
2204.105 Eligibility of applicants.
2204.106 Standards for awards.
2204.107 Allowable fees and expenses.
2204.108 Delegation of authority.

Subpart B -- Information Required from Applicants

2204.201 Contents of application.
2204.202 Net worth exhibit.
2204.203 Documentation of fees and expenses.

Subpart C -- Procedures for Considering Applications

2204.301 Filing and service of documents.
2204.302 When an application may be filed.
2204.303 Answer to application.
2204.304 Reply.
2204.305 Comments by other parties.
2204.306 Settlement.
2204.307 Further proceedings.
2204.308 Decision.
2204.309 Commission review.
2204.310 Waiver.
2204.311 Payment of award.

This is a duplication of the Rules of Procedure of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission codified in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations at Parts 2200 and 2204. The section numbers of the rules are the same as found in the Code of Federal Regulations, when published.

Requests for additional copies of this duplication should be addressed to:

Office of the Executive Secretary
Occupational Safety and Health
Review Commission
One Lafayette Centre
1120 20th Street, N.W., Suite 980
Washington, DC 20036-3457

Any suggestions for amendments to the rules should be addressed to the Executive Secretary.